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About files types: I've included a couple PNG files, which are a lot like a JPG. Those are 'raster' files, if one of these sizes will work for you, great. If not, I suggest using the SVG file. It's a 'vector' type file, which is what most media professionals are looking for. Whether printers, web technicians, or sign people. You can even do the work of editing it yourself, that is, changing the copy, using a different font, totally changing the size, etc. You'll need vector editing software, which can be had for free, if you don't own Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. The software you want is called "Inkscape", I highly recomend it. In fact, that's what I used to make this clip art. You might have to object>ungroup the artwork, after you've opened it in Inkscape. That way, you can replace the words with your own. You can even change the color of the cartoon.
If you need a logo designed, or a sign made, contact me, Jim Donahue, brushman@esper.com
SVG vector file
Download tips (Windows XP): 1: Click on the "SVG" link above or below.

2: A page will open, showing the clip art.

3: Right click on the page.

4: Select "Save this page". You'll have to choose a location to place it, for example, "my documents".

5: When you're in Inkscape, 'file>open' should open it. Be sure to select "all files" in the lower right corner of the open dialog box, instead of "all images". If you have any difficulties, I will email it to you, brushman@esper.com

This file opens in Corel draw, but in order to edit it, you'll need to 'arrange>unlock', then 'arrange>ungroup'.

Hours Gal SVG vector file